Grrrr…! #1

January 13, 2010 at 2:38 am Leave a comment

Why your opinion matters? Either you’re somebody with a big name or you got a point.

Stop talking nonsense or else your words just go to waste if nobody’s interested in what you’re saying.


And if there should be strict law that the universe came up with regarding “expressing opinions” your words or opinion DO matter IF and ONLY IF :


1. They contribute high level of awareness and knowledge for the benefit of “human” being OR what we call MAJORITY

If your intention of expressing your opinion is nothing but insulting purpose; badmouthing; falsely criticizing without giving benefit of doubt; ridiculing or bashing someone’s disability or incapacity; Marring someone else’s reputation WITHOUT EVEN CONSIDERING WHAT YOU REALLY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE : BETTER SHUT THE F-k UP.

There’s just one good purpose why highly intelligent animals such as “humans” are given with a gift to talk : that is expressing the thoughts WITH THE OBJECTIVE TO IMPROVE SOMEONE, SOMETHING OR EVERYTHING. Not to ridicule them for your own entertainment. Mind you.

And if anyone who is proven to be guilty of violating ONE and ONLY law, May karma be WITH YOU. And youll just know how painful it is to be backstabbed and realize how hurtful to you what you are doing to others.

More liter of English Nosebleeds Here. Where’s the tissue?.


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Leksyon, Kwentong Kutsero, Atbp. #6 2010 Grammy Awards

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